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Tuesday October 4th

Flaming Ping Pong
Flaming Ping Pong... Win 3 Shots For A Shot!

Win 3 shots for a Fireball shot! šŸ“šŸ„ƒšŸ”„

If you think you're hot stuff, come on down every Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night to see if you can beat one of our games hosts to the best of 3 points.

If you manage to do it, you'll win a free Fireball shot šŸ„ƒ... doesn't get much hotter than that!

Get your game face on and come down to the Clubhouse Bar for some flaming hot fun! ā¤ļøā€šŸ”„

- Bookings not required
- Must be 18+
- One entry per person per night
- Room location subject to change
- Commences Tuesday October 4th, 2022
- Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7-9PM
- Management reserves the right to refuse service to unduly intoxicated patrons

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